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Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba

Matanzas is one of the most emblematic cities of the island, its architecture, its beaches, its long history make her deserve the name “Athens of Cuba“.

Among its main attractions, there are its historical sites, each with its meaning and heritage value an obliged visit to  La Libertad Park, René Fraga Park, a jewel of Cuban architecture, Plaza de la Vigía, Market Square.

Five bridges embellish the surroundings and provide a feeling of exclusivity, the Bacunayagua Bridge, La Concordia Bridge, Giratorio Bridge and Sánchez Figuera Bridge.

Another of the major attractions of the province, is “The Train of Hershey“, the first and only electric railroad that has existed in Cuba. Still with operation, a magical trip that will transfer you from Havana to Matanzas, with the enjoyment of the natural beauty of the area.

Without forgetting the beauty of the nearby beaches of Varadero, the Bay of Matanzas enchants with its exuberant elevations and grateful welcome of the Valley of the Yumurí where the flora and fauna of the island abounds, as well as a great variety of archaeological remains and the endemic species.

The Athens of Cuba, the beautiful and attractive Matanzas, awaits your visit, reaching Cuba is a unique destination, and here would complement an unforgettable stay.


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